Law of attraction Practitioner course

Manifesting without blockades

This law of attraction course will help you to discover and overcome mental and emotional blockages to the realization of your goals and desires. The experienced hypnotherapist, NLP master, and success coach, Dirk Roman, teaches you the basic techniques of coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, and other therapeutic methods. By cleansing your subconsciousness and “actively feeding” your subconscious, you will be able to naturally and effortlessly manifest your desires.

This revolutionary course shows you how you can completely realign your personality and life and how you can develop more self-love, self-worth, acceptance and self-confidence in order to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of. He shows you the limitations of the rational mind and opens you to a higher dimension of being. If you take the chance, this can actually be a turning point in your life.

The hypnosis scripts “Manifest successfully”, “Good decisions”, and “Flow with life” can be obtained as mp3 from the author separately. There is also the option of completing the LOA Practitioner course online leading to a Practitioner certificate.

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Table of Contents (in total 144 pages)

Preface 2

About the author 5

Prefix 6

Short History 14

The LOA from a hypnotherapist standpoint 14

Is our subconscious connected with the Universe? 17

The Universal Database: The Akashic Records 22

Communication at the subatomic level 23

Experiments by Benjamin Libet 25

The difference between conscious and unconscious brain activity  25

We are all  transmitters 28

Consciously feeding the unconscious 28

It’s all a mind game – The right attitude is essential! 29

About desires and goals 30

The importance of beliefs and values. 34

Logical levels of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 37

Time to clean house! 38

What your subconscious says about this? 39

Your treasure map to fulfilling your desires 41

Resolution of limited view, convictions, limited beliefs, and worn out values 42

What to do to change our own internal representation of reality? 43

Changing the perceptual positioning 43

What if…? 45

What do you identify yourself with? Who are you? 45

Questions 45

Exercises 46

Building a positive self image 46

Exercise for a positive self-image 48

Swish Pattern 48

Changing limiting beliefs 49

Question your limiting beliefs and ask yourself 51

Further methods for resolving limiting beliefs 51

Value: What motivates you and is important to you? 54

What kind of values do you have in a certain area? 54

Changing values 55

Creating your own values 56

Visual squash technique 56

Overview 57

Auxiliary-values and end-values 58

Solution 59

Changing the priority of values 59

Questions about self-esteem 59

Changing past experiences 59

Fast phobia cure: resolve and change trauma and anxiety-provoking experiences  59

Reinterpreting the experience: Reframing 61

Other methods and forms of therapy  for getting the subconscious to influence 62

Positive creative visualizations 62

Affirmations 66

Suggestion 67

Metaphor 68

Direct suggestions 69

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy 69

The most important step: Non-attachment 70

Summary 70

Twelve symptoms of spiritual awakening 73

The role of gratitude 74

Think in opportunities and act with inspiration 74

Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence 76

Questions 77

Increasing self-worth/change 77

Questions 78

Exercise 78

The process of anchoring (NLP) 78

Important criteria for the anchor 79

Developing a strong belief in yourself and your capabilities 80

Self acceptance/self-realization 80

Self-realization 81

Self-realization in Hinduism 81

Self-realization in Ramana Maharshi 81

Self-realization in humanistic psychology 84

You are OK even when others don’t like you! 84

See yourself through the eyes of a loving person 84

Find a supportive circle of friends 85

Positive conversations with yourself 85

Pattern-Interruption (from NLP) 86

Dissociate yourself from negative experiences and associate yourself with positive ones 87

Unresolved emotions bring the system out of balance! 88

The Sedona Method 88

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) of Gary Craig 93

Dealing with guilt and blame 95

Balance between self-confidence and humility 97

Practise what you preach 98

Take decisions and act! 98

Parable of a frog in boiling water 99

Help with decision making 103

NLP Parts Negotiation 104

Visual Squash 105

Look for the ‘flow’ in everything – then everything will be right 105

Inner harmony means alignment with the universe 106

Create an exciting and pleasurable life for yourself! 106

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga, and others 109

Personal Coaching, Life Coaching 109

Appendix 113

Hypnosis scripts 113

Script ‘Good decisions 117

Script ‘Manifest successfully’ 121

Script  ‘Flow with life’ 126

List of literature 129

Glossary 134

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